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Featured Enterprise Gold+ Merchant
Biodane Dietary Supplements
(UK£) 15.00% Per Sale  
We develop and markets innovative dietary supplements for the regulation of human gastrointestinal functions. The company’s two brands: ColoDan Colostrum is made from the first and second milkings (not later than 24 hours after calving), when the content of immunoglobulins and growth factors is at its highest. ColoDan colostrum is 100% colostrum, 100% pure and 100% Danish. SylliFlor® Tasty Fibers from Psyllium husks is an innovative product designed to remove the unpleasant taste and texture experienced by the intake of Psyllium husks. Biodane Pharma collaborates closely with researchers from Danish and international universities and hospitals in order to make a difference in the wellbeing of people. Both products are manufactured at the company’s production plant in Denmark with patented technologies.