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Australian Ugg Boots
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Program Currency AU$
Program Type % Per Sale
Commission Rate: (AU$) 7.00% Per Sale
Website Description Australian Ugg Boots is a direct factory outlet, Based In Melbourne Australia. We Offer your website visitors what they are looking for: Best quality Original Ugg’s, 100% Australian made. Our large variety of Ugg styles, colours and sizes, provides buyers with what they are looking for. We make it our business to offer good value sales in order to maintain high demand in low seasons . We keep our website updated and renewed through the year, to keep all visitors experience new and productive. Our website is designed to be user friendly, in order for experience and inexperience visitors to complete their order. We do ship worldwide, which makes all buyers locations relevant. Our website offers prices in main currencies in order to make it an easy choice.
Refer your website traffic to a website which keep buyers interested
with an average of 12 pages views per visit.
You provide the traffic, we will finalize the sale.

Cookie Expiry 90 Days  (Repeat Commission)
Order Confirmation After 31 days
Auto Redeposit Yes (Merchant auto redepositing on a low balance)
Pending Sales Redeposit Yes (Merchant auto redepositing when pending commission exceeds balance)
Last Recorded Transaction: 06 Aug 2022