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Australian Ugg Boots
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Program Currency AU$
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Commission Rate: (AU$) 7.00% Per Sale
Website Description Australian Ugg Boots is an Australian Manufacturer based in Melbourne, Australia. We have a Retail Outlet at our Manufacturing premises in Braeside, Melbourne and an engaging NEW Website. We manufacture high quality, Australian Made Ugg Boots. We have a fabulous range of Australian Ugg Boot Styles, Colours & Sizes. From Classic Ugg Boots to Moccasins & Slippers. There's something for everyone! We offer excellent value sales in order to maintain demand in low seasons . We keep our website updated to keep visitors engaged and offer a productive User Experience. We ship all over Australia & Worldwide. We have a Currency Converter on our website to make buying seemless across the Globe!

Cookie Expiry 90 Days  (Repeat Commission)
Order Confirmation After 31 days
Auto Redeposit No (Merchant auto redepositing on a low balance)
Pending Sales Redeposit No (Merchant auto redepositing when pending commission exceeds balance)
Last Recorded Transaction: Exceeds 60 days