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Description: Make Money with Linen Company

Linen Company Inc is your direct source from America's best Textile & Linen Mills for all your linen needs. Providing a direct link between the manufacturer and you, our valued customer, we offer thousands of high quality domestic institutional linens. We offer all major lines of restaurant linens, hotel linens, hospital linens, banquet linens and healthcare linens.

Linen Company serves the hospitality and healthcare industries. 100% customer satisfaction is our focus; we are certain to surpass your expectations. We specialize in distributing wholesale table linens, bed linens, bath linens, healthcare linens, chef apparel, and kitchen linens. Linen Company is your one -stop online linen source for restaurant supplies and hotel supplies.

Our customers enjoy the highest quality and the best discounts on linen. Our focus is wholesale institutional linens. Linen Company offers quality hotel linens and restaurant linens.

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(US$) 8.00% Per SaleLinen Company
Linen Company
(US$) 8.00% Per SaleRestaurant Table Lin
Restaurant Table Linens Made in The USA. Great Quality at Lowest Price
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