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Description: Teleflora New Zealand was the first floral relay service in New Zealand and one of the first in the world. Established in 1926, our network of professional and quality assured florists have been delivering fresh flowers for over 80 years. Customers can select from a large range of beautiful flowers and gifts for any occasion. Teleflora New Zealand can offer same day delivery* throughout New Zealand and can deliver 6 days a week. Teleflora New Zealand has local florists all over the country ready to deliver.

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Teleflora New Zealand
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At Teleflora we have a New Zealand network of around 160 approved member florists. Internationally, we're connected to over 50,000 affiliated florists based in 84 countries. Teleflora is administered in New Zealand through our Head Office, based in Lower Hutt - just out of Wellington. All phone and on-line orders are processed via our central Contact Centre and distributed through our floral network. Because we're such a visible brand, we're motivated to ensure that our reputation for high standards is maintained. Any customer should feel that there are systems in place to ensure that their gift gets the attention it deserves... that their gift will be delivered on time and to a standard they'd be pleased with. Teleflora also maintains standards within the organisation through workshops, an annual conference, educational weekends and visiting international exhibitors. In short, we're serious about refining our service to be the best it can be.
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