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Merchant Program: Deekins - Cheap Magazine Subscriptions  View More Information About The Program
Description: Cheap Magazine Subscriptions. More than 1000 discount magazine subscriptions. New and renewal magazine subscriptions available on your favorite magazines.

When you become a Deekins.com sales Affiliate, you'll improve the value of your website and immediately begin earning a monthly income. If you have a website (or even an e-mail account) you can generate substantial sales commissions by partnering with Deekins.com to bring your website visitors and people that you interact with everyday their favorite magazine subscriptions at great prices.

Deekins.com offers more than 1,000 new and renewal subscriptions to the most popular magazines. After becoming an Affiliate of Deekins.com, you will start earning a 20% commission on each magazine subscription sold through your website or email account.

Deekins.com separates itself from other magazine retailers through its partnership with the Better Business Bureau, being a Yahoo! Secure Merchant, having a clean and aesthetically pleasing website, reliable automated order processing capabilities, and prompt and courteous customer service. These attributes give the thousands of customers we serve confidence in making an online purchase with Deekins.com, provide the tools to convert clicks into sales, and ensure customer satisfaction.


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(US$) 20.00% Per Saletext012
Magazine Subscriptions
(US$) 20.00% Per Saletext014
Shape Magazine Subscription
(US$) 20.00% Per Saletext016
Runner’s World Magazine Subscription
(US$) 20.00% Per Saletext015
ESPN Magazine Subscription
(US$) 20.00% Per Saletext011
Discount Magazines
(US$) 20.00% Per Saletext013
Discount Magazine Subscriptions
(US$) 20.00% Per Saletext010
Cheap Magazine Subscriptions
(US$) 20.00% Per Saleshape-magazine
(US$) 20.00% Per Salebutton011
(US$) 20.00% Per Salebanner500
(US$) 20.00% Per Salebanner151
(US$) 20.00% Per Salebanner150
(US$) 20.00% Per Salebanner025
(US$) 20.00% Per Salebanner018
(US$) 20.00% Per Salebanner017

If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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