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Merchant Program: Travel Insurance - Columbus Direct (Australia)  View More Information About The Program
Description: Columbus Direct is a leading international provider of low cost travel insurance and has been trusted around the world since 1988. Our policies offer excellent value for money, tailored to the travel needs of Australian and New Zealand residents. Columbus Direct policies are underwritten by certain syndicates at Lloyd's of London - the world's best-known insurer. Our partners can offer their site visitors access to a quick and user friendly way to buy travel insurance and get covered within minutes – ideal if your site has travel or personal finance related content! Our booking engine is highly optimised for ease of purchase which makes for happy customers and great commissions for our affiliates. Regular promotions will give you an opportunity to create new content and provide extra value to your site visitors. So what are you waiting for – join now and start earning!

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(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 2 Australia
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 3 Australia
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 4 Australia
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(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 11 Australia
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 12 Australia
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 1 New Zealand
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 2 New Zealand
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 3 New Zealand
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 4 New Zealand
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 5 New Zealand
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 6 New Zealand
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 7 New Zealand
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 8 New Zealand
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 9 New Zealand
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 10 New Zealnd
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 11 New Zealnd
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleBanner 12 New Zealnd
(AU$) 12.00% Per SaleText Banner 2
Low Cost Travel Insurance - Seriously low premiums. 24/7 emergency assistance. World-class insurers.

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