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Description: CarSalesAuto.com.au is a car classified portal. Users can list their car for sale, for a small fee. Other users can search the portal for new & used cars. Then they can contact the owners of the cars to arrange a viewing of their car. Buyers and sellers do not transfer money through CarSalesAuto.com.au that is done privately between the buyer & the car seller. CarSalesAuto.com.au charge a listing fee to the sellers to advertise their car for sale. The CarSalesAuto affiliate program will pay you the affiliate 40% of the listing fee and a 5% 2nd tier payout to any listing that an affiliate that you recruited has made. To earn a great commission all you need to do is send people that are ready to sell their cars over to CarSalesAuto.com.au and when they place their listing you earn your 50% commission. Another way to increase your earnings is to advertise CarSalesAuto affiliate program and get other affiliates to sign up using your affiliate link. Earn 5% for everyone of their listings

Welcome to CarSalesAuto.com.au affiliate program.

Earn great commission by getting your users to list their car for sale on CarSalesAuto.com.au

Don' t Forget you can also earn another 5% commission by getting other affiliates (using your link) to sign up to CarSalesAuto affiliate program and getting their users to list their cars for sale. Everyone of those listings will put a 5% commission in your pocket.


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If you HAVE a username/password and would like to join this affiliate program, please log in first.

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