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Description: The website is for self help or personal coaching in the area of the subconscious mind. There are articles and blog sites that describe over 20 active meditation CDs together wirth DVDs that teach seminars on how to get goals faster, active meditation and student (any age) learning. Sandy MacGregor shares his experiences on moving through the tragedy of the murder of his 3 daughters in 1987 - how his son taught him a very powerful technique which he applied to tap into his inner strength. Now, 20 years later Sandy has taught 10s of thousands of people his techniques in 1000's of seminars and has reached hundreds of thousands with his best selling books, CDs and DVDs. We can all tap into our own inner strength to help us survive the challenges of "life itself".

Welcome to our affiliate program.

Please know that with this affiliate program you will be assisting others to overcome challenges in their lives.

Helping one other Soul is a worthwhile thing to do!


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(AU$) 27.00% Per SaleCALM Research Centre
MAKE LIFE EASIER by deliberately using the Power of Your Subconscious Mind. Tools and techniques developed by Sandy MacGregor after dealing with the murder of his 3 daughters are available in his: Best Selling Books, Guided Imagery CDs and Complete Seminars on DVD. Read free MIND MATTERS NEWS, or acquire a Free E-Book on How to Handle Trama, Grief and Loss and view Videos and Blogs.
(AU$) 27.00% Per SaleMake Life Easier
(AU$) 27.00% Per Sale1. Release Stress
(AU$) 27.00% Per Sale2. Release Stress
(AU$) 27.00% Per SaleSubconscious Thought
(AU$) 27.00% Per SaleMind Power

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